On the road, motorcycle accidents happen often. If you look at the data of the last two years, it is a frightening situation. 

Common injuries that motorcyclists that Cause Motorcycle Accident 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (US Government) estimates  

that motorcycle riders were involved in collisions that resulted in 38,824 fatalities and 44,000 injuries in 2020. 

These statistics can be alarming and bring up questions like: What are the most common injuries suffered by motorcyclists? 

The following slides will explore some of the most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer from and how you can protect yourself against them. 

For people who travel by bike, motorcycle accidents are a significant cause of injury.

One of the most common injuries is called a "road rash," which is an abrasion or laceration to skin from contact with pavement or other surface materials. 

It is crucial for patients of road rash to get medical assistance as soon as they can since the condition can become infected if it is not properly cleansed and treated. 

Other common injuries include fractures, head trauma and internal bleeding.