Bianca Belair continues to project herself as one of the industry's most powerful women–and she is. For whatever reason, she hasn't been demonstrated to be a "weak" champion.

Asuka is one of my favourite characters, and I'm pleased she's back. Her offensive is always entertaining to watch, and the crowd adores her. But at no point throughout the build-up.

I appreciate the desperation Becky Lynch acts with these days. She's cocky, but she's dying to have her title back and is willing to fight dirty to make it happen.

I'm done with the Omos/MVP crap. The contest went well. Lashley's super-over-the-top interaction with the audience was a highlight for me. I really like him, but I wish he was in a better plot.

When Lashley speared Omos because "something occurred." Anyway, the match took place, and I was excited about the possibility of Lashley and Cedric Alexander teaming together.

This developed into a bull rope match at one point, which seems like a poor idea since you're already one-handed. Rollins and Rhodes, on the other hand, were plainly determined

Cody eventually won the match, becoming 3-0 against Rollins in their feud, and will now take some time off to recover from his injuries.

 And here I am, unable to assess this match because it makes me feel ghoulish. Hell In A Cell 2022-The WWE PPV