Devin Haney was scheduled to go to Australia on Saturday night to face George Kambos Jr. for the undisputed lightweight belt.

Haney's strategy paid off handsomely, as he demolished the opponents in round 12 to win all four world championships at 135 pounds.

Haney became the eighth boxer in any weight division to win all four acknowledged titles, and the second youngest at only 23 years old.

The fight had little drama, with Honey throwing up a great jab right away that stopped the Combosos from completing their offensive.

Haney won by unanimous decision with scores of 116–112, 116–112, and 118–110 on the official scorecards.

Haney fired the left hook and right punch directly behind him as the jab landed, each shot deterring Combosos from releasing the right hand, giving the impression that he had been loaded all night.

After the battle, Haney remarked, "I incapacitated him at his best." "He wanted to land the massive left hook and the overhand right hook.

I took away his ability to function. I was battling in two directions at the same time. I would struggle with his right hand as I moved to the left.