6 Things to Think About Before Buying a Gaming Smartphone

We now have smartphones specialised to gaming, as if buying a smartphone

wasn't complicated enough owing to the vast range of brands and versions available. These gadgets are designed to improve gaming performance by focusing on areas

that gamers care about more than others, such as quicker storage and a faster processor over a multi-sensor camera.

Here are some crucial aspects to consider whether you're wanting to buy a gaming phone or just a phone that can do better than average in games.

1. Internals and cooling The first and foremost aspect to consider when buying a phone to play games is the processor and other internals. 

2. Battery capacity vs charging speed The more you play games on a smartphone, the more power it will draw out. 

3.Shoulder button While you will only find a shoulder button on higher-end phones, they make important additions to gaming phones. 

4.Support for audio and third-party accessorie Jack may start to feel like it is becoming redundant on modern phones as more and more people switch to Bluetooth-based audio solutions