The United States and Iran Relation

Due to the stalemate between the United States and Iran relation, the Indian Navy has ordered to deploy its two warships in the Persian Gulf and with this, it has deployed aircraft to monitor the marine terrain.


After dropping the drone, the US canceled the flights passing through the Gulf of Iran and Oman

Iran hacked US spy drone on Wednesday in Haramogan province

Trump warned Iran that he had made a big mistake by dropping the spy drone

Tensions have increased in the two countries after the US drone strikes by Iran. President Donald Trump ordered Thursday to attack Iran. However, after discussions with the officers, Trump changed his decision after his decision. Meanwhile, in the sense of vigilance, India has also deployed two battleships in this area. 40% of India’s energy imports depend on this water route.

Apart from INS Chennai and INS Sunyana, India has also deployed the aircraft to monitor the maritime areas. This decision was taken in view of maritime safety reasons. These warships will work to coordinate between Indian business ships and partners. According to the media report, the Persian Gulf is considered to be the world’s most important waterway. Most of the energy of the world is supplied by this route.


American jets and warships were ready for war

The US was expected to attack Iran. In a New York Times report citing an officer of the Trump administration, it was said that fighter aircraft and warships were in a position to attack, but the order was canceled. Earlier, Trump had warned Iran that he had made a big mistake by dropping the spy drone. Iran killed US spy drone in Hermogen province on Wednesday.


On Friday, the US banned its planes to pass through the Gulf of Iran and Oman. Given the increasing tension between the two countries, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced this. The drone that killed Iran was worth around 1250 crores. Its wings were larger than the Boeing 737 Jetliner. About 30 years ago, the Navy of America also killed Iran’s passenger plane.

Military activities around the Gulf of Iran increased

Military exercises and political pressures in Iran’s Gulf and its encompassing regions have expanded. Along these lines, the activities of the flying machine will be hampered around there. The US says that the automaton that slaughtered Iran on June 19 was not in its airspace. The automaton was in the region of the non-military personnel aviation routes on the Gulf of Oman. Iran’s Air Force said that the automaton had entered Iran’s airspace.

Oil prices rise due to tension between United States and Iran relation

After Trump’s warning, oil prices in the US increased by more than 6% on Thursday. New York registered an increase in oil prices since Thursday morning. Europe’s crude oil price has increased by almost 5%. With this, United Airlines of America suspended flights between New Jersey from Newark to Mumbai. Flights to Mumbai go from Iran’s airways. The airline said that this step has been taken in view of the safety of Iran after the drone has been killed by Iran. Although it was not told how long the flights would remain suspended.

America tries to put pressure on other countries

Iran’s Secretary of National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Thursday that there will be no military conflict between Iran and the US because there is no cause of war. Allegations to other countries is a common practice for US officials. They try to put pressure on other countries.

Stress over the nuclear deal between the two countries

This incident happened at a time when tension has increased over the nuclear deal between Iran and the United States. Last year, the US had separated itself from Iran’s nuclear deal. The United States has blamed the UN Security Council’s violation of 2231 on Iran.

New nuclear agreement should be implemented – Iran

Iran had announced that it will no longer accept certain conditions of the nuclear deal in 2015. President Hassan Rohani told Europe that if the new nuclear agreement is not implemented by July 7, then it will continue to increase its uranium reserves.

America deploys a thousand additional troops in the Middle East

On June 13, the United States had released some satellite photographs related to the attack on two oil tankers in Oman Bay. For the attack was held responsible for Iran. Among all these, the US has sent one thousand additional troops in the Middle East.

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