The Army opened heavy fire on militant targets in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

The Indian Army opened heavy fire on militant and killed 6 to 10 Pakistani soldiers and an equal number of terrorists in its operations. Pictures of this might of the Indian Army have also been revealed.

The army opened heavy fire on militant targets in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that 6 to 10 Pakistani soldiers and many terrorists have been killed in this action.

He said that three terrorist launch pads located in PoK were destroyed in the shelling and another terrorist hideout was also damaged.

The army took this action when Pakistan suddenly opened fire on Indian posts on Saturday night to carry out terrorist infiltration. The Indian Army carried out artillery firing (shelling), destroying the terrorist launch pads located at Jura, Aathukam and Kundal Shahi of PoK.

An army source told the news agency that two Indian Army soldiers were killed in the firing of Pakistan and one civilian died. He said that this action of the army should not be compared with the surgical strike carried out in September 2016 in any case. On 26 February this year, the Indian Air Force did an airstrike at Balakot in PoK.

There is someone outside the country who wants to spoil the atmosphere of Jammu and Kashmir – Army Chief

General Bipin Rawat said – Ever since Article 370 has been removed from Jammu and Kashmir, ever since we were receiving reports of incursions. They want to disturb peace in the state.

Things are getting normal in the state, but there is someone who is working behind the terrorists and agencies. Some of these people are in the country and some are in Pakistan and PoK outside the country. These people want to disturb the atmosphere of peace.

 We had news that the terrorists are approaching the forward posts. An attempt was made to infiltrate into Tangdhar on Saturday night and we responded.

Pakistan opened fire on our post and it hurt us. But, before they could carry out the infiltration, we decided that we would target cross-border terrorist camps. We also got information about these camps. Our action has caused major damage to cross-border terrorist bases.

Pakistan said - one of our soldiers was killed

Pakistan's army claimed that 9 Indian soldiers died in their firing, but the Indian army rejected the claim. Pakistani army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said that one soldier was killed and three civilians died in the Indian Army shelling.

Indian Army also targeted some Pak posts

Army said- We had strong information that terrorists are present in these launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC). After this, the army opened fire on them. The Pakistani army wanted to infiltrate these terrorists into the Indian border and that is why it suddenly started firing on Indian posts on Saturday night. In response, the Indian Army opened fire. Some posts of the Pak Army were protecting these launch pads and the Indian Army also targeted some of these posts.

Heavy damage to terrorist targets

In this action of the Indian Army, terrorist bases have suffered heavy losses. In this action, three big terror hideouts of Pakistan were destroyed in PoK. After receiving strong news of the presence of a large number of terrorists on the three launchpads, the Indian Army took subversive action last night. The targets targeted by the Indian Army fall in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Indian Air Force did airstrike after Pulwama attack

On 14 February, a CRPF convoy was attacked in Pulwama. 46 The CRPF personnel were killed in this. To answer this attack, the Indian Air Force on 26 February destroyed the terrorist launchpad by conducting an airstrike in Balakot of PoK. It claimed around 350 militants were killed.

Terrorists present around Srinagar

According to intelligence sources, more than 10 terrorists are hiding around Srinagar. They are looking for a lowering of security and loosening of security restrictions in Kashmir. Efforts are also on to activate the stone-pelters' network. These terrorists have been seen roaming the outskirts of Srinagar.

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