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Social Media Jobs- Trend in India

Social media jobs India ask online

The population of salaried people is the highest in this world. Finding work of your choice but getting a challenge. We live in a world where the social network occupies an important place.(Social Media Jobs) Due to easy access to the internet and smartphones, the social network is fast growing.

We are talking about where social media and social media jobs are being expressed on different topics. Marketing, branding and product promotion is done with a loud noise. Imagine a world where you do not have to cover your screen when your boss runs, it does not check you for the tenth time. Or a work environment where it is considered compulsory to stick with your phone, go away and scroll with retaliation on Instagram.

Social network and media are platforms where you can become part of it, companies are being paid to help their products and services successfully market on social media.

Using The Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Monster receives 10 social media jobs in digital marketing space, where you spend a minimum of part of your 9-to-5 scrolls, likes and sharing with the world.

Social Media Jobs

Content Marketing Manager

 Marketing managers used to run advertisement campaigns in magazines, newspapers, billboards and television commercials. Now companies are spending large amounts of their marketing budgets on social media and website ads.

Qualification: a bachelor’s degree. View a sample resume for a marketing communications manager.

Salary: Depend on the size of the company.

Find marketing manager jobs on the search engine.

Art Manager

ArtManager are responsible for the aesthetic imagery you see in online and offline advertisements, including social media content. You’ll stage the photo and video shoots for campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Qualification: a bachelor’s degree in art, photography, journalism or design. View a sample resume for an Art Manager .

Salary: Depend on the size of the company.

Find art manager jobs on google, yahoo or bing..

Content Copywriter

 You’ll be in charge of writing engaging copy for social media posts. Get used to promote a brand in 140 characters or less!

Qualification: Although it’s not essential, it’s helpful to have an undergraduate degree, preferably in English, marketing or communications.

What you’d earn: Depend on the size of the company.

Find copywriter jobs on Monster.

Customer Service Representative

 People are likely to take to Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram when they have a question or complaint. Customer service representatives spend time answering social media messages and comments to resolve issues and increase customer satisfaction.

Qualification: a bachelor’s degree, though some positions only require a high school diploma. View this sample resume for a customer service representative.

What you’d earn: Depend on the size of the company.

Find customer service jobs on Monster, Naukri, or Times Jobs.

Graphic Designer

 Graphic designers make creative images using computer software such as Photoshop. They develop illustrations, designs and motion graphics like GIFs and Cinemagraphs. Graphic designers know how to create engaging, informative social media content.

Qualification: A bachelor’s degree in graphic design, art or a similar field is usually required. View a sample resume for a graphic designer.

What you’d earn: Depend on the size of the company.

Find graphic designer jobs on Monster, Naukri, or Times Jobs.

Film and video editor

 Video performs very well on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. You would create short content that lives exclusively on social media.

Qualification: a bachelor’s degree, preferably in film, broadcast journalism or marketing

What you’d earn: Depend on the size of the company.

Find graphic designer jobs on Monster, Naukri, or Times Jobs.

Promotions Manager

Individuals frequently state that online life is “pay to play”— which means a brand must burn through cash so as to get more individuals to see its substance. You’ll make paid media systems, just as buying motivating forces like deals, sweepstakes, challenges, exceptional endowments, and coupons. 

What you’ll require: at least a four-year college education, ideally in promoting or business 

What you’d procure: Depend on the extent of the organization.

Find promotions manager jobs on Monster.

Public Relations Specialist

Advertising masters are in charge of helping brands and individuals present a positive open picture. You’ll screen brand observation via web-based networking media and offer official statements and press hits via web-based networking media. 

What you’ll require: a four-year college education with a specialization recorded as a hard copy, reporting, interchanges, English or business. View an example continues for a PR administrator. 

What you’d acquire: Depend on the extent of the organization.

Find public relations specialist jobs on Monster.

Account Manager

Your activity will be to work with in-house office heads inside an association; or, at an organization, you’ll be the individual in charge of being the essential contact for the customer, web-based life group, innovative group, and other colleagues to make advertising procedures. 

Capability: at least a four-year certification, ideally in promoting. View an example continues for a recording manager. 

What you’d acquire: Depend on the span of the organization. 

Find Account Manager jobs on Monster,Naukari, Timesjobs.

Market Research Analyst

Statistical surveying investigators think about economic situations to access the market for an item or administration. You’ll assess the online life scene to perceive what individuals need, who the present and potential purchasers are, and how to value the item. 

What you’ll require: at least a four-year certification in showcasing or business 

What you’d gain: Depend on the extent of the organization.

Find Market Research analyst jobs on Monster,Naukari, Timesjobs.

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