WhatsApp to stop working for these Phones from 1st November 2021. is it true?


This message is viral in WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp to stop working for these Phones: WhatsApp has recently shared a new information for its users. WhatsApp has announced that the messaging service is going to be closed for many users. Yes, many Android users are going to be shocked, who will not be able to continue this service further. Many people in the country are using this messaging service, for which the selected users have been announced by WhatsApp till the last date. Let us know if your phone is in the list given below.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp app is more interesting than its messenger service, which is very beneficial for many people. Because the current changes on WhatsApp have made people accustomed to it, whether you talk about payment option or, Story Status, Disapperaing Message. It is also completely safe with security mode. It also works on older versions of Android. But now WhatsApp will stop working in many old phones from November.

WhatsApp supports many types of devices. The company has updated its website and said that along with bringing new features to the number, this app will only support devices running on Android 4.1 and above operating system. (WhatsApp Updated Features) WhatsApp users using on older devices after this will not get the update.

According to the official support page of WhatsApp, the company says that, ‘At present this app supports for Android 4.1 and newer versions. This means that the smartphones that have come after 2013 will be able to use WhatsApp in the future. However, those who have phones older than this, they will not get its update. (How to check your phone’s OS version) If you phone is also old then you should buy a new smartphone which has got at least one or more updates in the last few years.

Won’t work on these Android phones

LG Optimus L3

Samsung Galaxy SII

the Galaxy Core

the ZTE Grand S Flex

Huawei Ascend G740

Galaxy S3 mini

Optimus L5 Dual

Optimus L4 II Dual

Optimus F7

Optimus F5

will not work on these ios phones

iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S Plus

Apple iPhone SE (1st generation)

is it true or fake news?

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