What is the first step of SEO work. Where to start? Please help me. I am using WordPress

Gaurav Dewangan
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Hello friends, My name is Sachin. I want to start my blogging web site. right now  I am searching for information about SEO work. I watched many youtube videos,  Everybody tells about SEO work but I want to know what is the first step of SEO work. Where to start? Please help me. I am using WordPress for making a website and also looking for Google AdSense ads.

Super Admin Gaurav
- May 12, 2019 05:09 AM

Nice question & very common with every beginner site owner.
Here I share my personal experience. What is the first step after the construction of the website? You mentioned using WordPress. It is common for all types of the content management system; you have to follow these steps to start search engine optimization work.
1. The first fall you have to create robot.txt file and save in web server. (cpanel-> File manager->Public_html )If you have any issue regarding this step, How to create & where to paste you can easily find out in Google search engine.
2. Download sitemap plugin or install it directly from your WordPress dashboard (plugin-> add new plugin) you can use Google sitemap plugin.
3. Create a new Gmail account; account name must be similar to your domain name. E.g. (www.indiaaskoline.com so that your Gmail account name indiaonline@gmail.com) Now you have to submit detail about the website in the search engine. There are lots of search engine. Start with Google Search engine and also register a website in Google directory. Google, Yandex, Baidu & Bing, etc.
4. Register your website to various types of directory websites.
5. Join various types of forum websites.
6. Post your article or blog link & Paste website link to directory & forum websites. Take participate in the comment box & paste website link. It is called creating backlink for the website.
7. Write an article and post on article submission website with website link.
8. Use the social networking website to spared knowledge about your website and paste a link.
9. Your website must have a unique (website logo, Favicon, relevant images, enough content).
10. Your website must have these pages (Home, About Us, and Privacy Policy, Terms, and Condition & Contact).
I hope this basic information will help you to start search engine optimization work.
If someone has a better way please take participate in this discussion.

Pushpika Vyas
- Jul 25, 2019 10:28 AM

As you mentioned in the question you going to start for SEO
You need to understand what is all of these
1. On-page, SEO
2. Off-Page SEO
On-page, SEO is working on the website content. For SEO use Yoast Plugin.
Methods are:-
Head Optimization
Body Optimization
Off-Page SEO is one technique which helps to improve the website on the search engine result page(SERP).
Here you need to create a link building by some methods
Directories submission
forums posting
articles submission
socials bookmarking
Search engine marketing
Business listing
classified ads
Press Release
Question Answer

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