what is sim swapping fraud?

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Now I got message on whatsapp.

In today’s time, all our work is done on our phone. But along with the work, the cases of hacking from smartphones have also increased a lot. Recently it has come to know that many frauds have started happening through net banking.

what is sim swapping fraud? how much this is harmful for people?

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Ok I found it from news article.

What is sim swapping

In this fraud, another SIM can be generated on your own number. In this, a new SIM is registered from your mobile number, after which the network goes from your SIM. In such a situation, your phone gets switched off but the hacker has another SIM of your same number which is working. Then the hacker can withdraw money from your bank account by asking for OTP on that number.

How do you get on the hacker’s hitlist?

Phishing has become a common thing in today’s time. Through this, the hacker gets your mobile number and account information and then he buys a new SIM from the service provider on your own number by giving the excuse of losing the mobile or SIM card. After customer verification, the telecom company closes the old SIM and thus your number stops working on your phone, but the hacker has the SIM of your number which is running. In this way it becomes easy for him to steal from your account.

Protect like this

The cases of SIM swapping have increased a lot, so first of all you have to be alert and keep checking your phone’s network and connectivity from time to time. If your phone’s network is missing for a long time, then contact your service provider and get all the information by making an inquiry.
Sometimes it may happen that you are getting many calls from unknown people. If this happens then don’t switch off the phone, just don’t take phone calls. Keep in mind that this can be a way for the hacker to get his work done by switching off your phone.

To keep your bank account safe, keep checking your bank account details from time to time and also take care of bank statements.

In today’s time such frauds have increased a lot. Not only this, cyber theft is taking place in many other ways and its cases are increasing day by day. Therefore, if there is something strange in your phone, in social media accounts, in the bank or in any internet related area, then check it immediately.

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