What is a flex-fuel engine and how does it work?

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that in 3-4 months all car companies will be ordered to make flex-fuel engines mandatory. In such a situation, the question in the mind of many people is that what is this flex-fuel engine and how does it work?

Is it more costly? 

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Flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) have an inside burning motor and are equipped for working on gas and any mix of gas and ethanol up to 83%. FFVs have one fuel framework, and most parts are equivalent to those found in a regular gas just vehicle. Some exceptional ethanol-viable parts are needed to make up for the distinctive substance properties and energy content in ethanol, for example, alterations to the fuel siphon and fuel infusion framework. The motor control module (ECM) is likewise aligned to oblige the higher oxygen content of ethanol.

Key Components of a Flex Fuel Car

Battery: The battery gives power to turn over the motor and force vehicle gadgets/extras.

Electronic control module (ECM): The ECM controls the fuel combination, start timing, and emanations framework; screens the activity of the vehicle; protects the motor from misuse; and identifies and investigates issues.

Fumes framework: The fumes framework channels the fumes gases from the motor out through the tailpipe. A three-way impetus is intended to decrease motor out discharges inside the exhaust framework.

Fuel filler: A spout from a fuel gadget appends to the container on the vehicle to fill the tank.

Fuel infusion framework: This framework brings fuel into the motor’s burning chambers for start.

Fuel line: A metal cylinder or adaptable hose (or a blend of these) moves fuel from the tank to the motor’s fuel infusion framework.

Fuel siphon: A siphon that moves fuel from the tank to the motor’s fuel infusion framework by means of the fuel line.

Gas tank (ethanol/gas mix): Stores fuel on board the vehicle to control the motor.

Interior burning motor (flash touched off): In this arrangement, fuel is infused into either the admission complex or the ignition chamber, where it is joined with air, and the air/fuel combination is lighted by the sparkle from a flash attachment.

Transmission: The transmission moves mechanical force from the motor and additionally electric footing engine to drive the wheels.

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