What facts about Japan do foreigners not believe until they come to Japan?

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What facts about Japan do foreigners not believe until they come to Japan?

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I got two relevant answer about the question and here I shared other people’s experience who visited to japan.

Reference:- I collect this answer from quora.com

@Amit Rustagi

Well I have lived in Japan for almost 3 years and the below incidents were hard to believe when they occurred:

We took a taxi very late in night after we missed the last train to reach our place. The total bill was about 20,000 yen but taxi driver took only about 16,000 yen saying that he took a wrong turn and it has caused 4,000 yen excess bill and he won’t take that.

My friend got his train pass made for 10,000 yen and lost it on the same day. It could have been used by anyone but somebody returned it to railways personnel and we got it back the next day when we inquired about it.

While coming back in taxi from market to our place we didn’t have exact change to pay to driver and driver also didn’t have it. We asked him to stay for 5 mins so that we could get it from somewhere. He felt so much guilt for causing us the inconvenience that he apologised to us and left without taking any money.

On a Friday night we came back from office at around 11 pm and were looking for some beer. We asked to a person who was standing at counter of a Starbucks (company) cafe. He was so much eager to help us that he came with us for around 200 meters leaving his counter to his colleague and made sure that we find a beer shop.

While travelling in train on a Saturday night there was a co passenger girl who was so much drunk that she puked in the train itself. The other co passengers provided her the tissues and a plastic bag and despite being so drunk the girl cleaned everything and apologised to everyone.

While in Tokyo Disneyland we asked a sweeper worker to take our snapshot photo. He kept his broom aside at some distance and took our snap. After we were done some other group came and asked him to take their snap. We went ahead to see other attractions. After around one hour we came back to same point and saw a queue at that point for getting a snap done from that sweeper. The person was happily and enthusiastically taking everyone’s snap. So much humility.
I can go on and on.

Japanese are incredible. Hats off!

@Kiran Mysore

Though nearly two months have passed since I came here, Japan never fails to amaze and amuse me with a different experience each day, everyday! Among other things, my interactions with the Japanese, though few and far, have already made a lasting impact on me! I would like to share two such memorable instances that will be enshrined in my heart forever.

So, I had scheduled for a parcel to be delivered to my room at 12pm. I opened the door at 11:55 and the delivery man was standing right in front of the door! When I asked him why he hadn’t knocked on my door, he said he was waiting for the clock to strike 12! What?! I had no idea someone could be that humble (and of course punctual, it’s futile to even talk about their punctuality as it is simply too amazing to be described in words).
On a cold afternoon, I was at an Indian restaurant having lunch. A man seated next to my table started smoking while eating. As I am averse to the cigar smoke, I asked the waiter and sat down at the corner table, far away from this man. On realizing that his smoking had bothered me, he came up to me and apologized. Well that’s polite and I can fathom it. But when I finished my lunch and went to pay the bill, the waiter told me that the man was very sorry for the inconvenience he might have caused me and had already paid my bill. Really?! Words fail to describe what I felt then!
I get a feeling that I’ll learn more from observing how Japanese are than by listening to lectures at the university! Hats off

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