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Is Jack the father of Mel’s baby on ‘Virgin River’?

 4 hours ago TVLine Virgin River' Season 4 Episode

Virgin River’ Season 4 Episode

The fourth season of “Virgin River,” which debuted on Netflix on July 20, provides several long-awaited answers, including whether Jack (Martin Henderson) or Mark (Daniel Gillies), Mel’s late husband, is the biological father of Mel’s child.

There’s a strong possibility that after viewing the “Virgin River” Season Three finale, you wanted to hurl your computer (or phone, or TV, or whichever else you watched the show) across the room.

Why? Because ultimately, just when Jack and Mel appeared to be enjoying their relationship, they received yet another “Virgin River”-caliber twist.

When Mel confessed that she was expecting and that he might not be the father, Jack was about to pop the question. You wonder how that’s possible. Gratitude to modern medicine.

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