I want to know the scope of the Hotel & Restaurant business?


Nowadays I am preparing and thinking about the start-up business. I want to know the scope of the Hotel & Restaurant business? How to start & what is my first step? where to start or what is the best location for this business? How much spending money on advertising?

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  1. The Hotel & Restaurant business is an essential piece of the accommodation business with immense development potential sooner rather than later. The interest for in the executive’s experts is as of now enormous and is relied upon to develop more with the expanding number of lodgings being set up in India and everywhere throughout the world.

    One of the huge results of globalization is the gigantic development in the travel industry and accommodation industry. With India being a standout among the most prominent travel goals, the legislature also is empowering and putting resources into the improvement of these businesses.

  2. The scope of Hotel and Restaurant business, a good choice & it is most popular and gradually growing business. Here I talk about their performance is very good in some location. I categorized in two parts. First is Type A & Type B.

    Type A Location: – This area would be coming very much people seven days a week, so it is the perfect place to enjoy Hotel and Restaurant business.
    Type B Location: I assume that Saturday is not working day so that five days of the week, people foot fall in this area.

    Type A

    Railway Station
    Bus Station
    Historical Places
    Famous Park
    Crowded Market
    Complex & Malls

    Type B

    School & College
    Industrial Area
    Government offices

    I did not cover (What is the first step?) promotion & branding, financial position, Management decision & Skilled Staff; I hope this very short answer is enough for this question.

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