How to open image map file (.map) in GIMP ?


How to open image map file (.map) in GIMP ?

I’m trying to create a large HTML image map in GIMP, using the Image Map tool (Filters > Web > Image Map).

I started on it yesterday and saved the file, it saved as a .map file. I’m trying to open it today to make some changes, but when I try to open it with GIMP, it gives me an error saying “Unknown file type”.

How can I open the image map file that I saved?

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Tim (anonymous) 0 Comments

Ok I got it.

The process is very simple.
Go through the below line

Open the image for which the map belongs
Open the image map filter (Filters->Web->Image Map)
In the image map dialog, do File->Open and choose your map file
This should solve it 🙂

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