How to make money online? is it really working.

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Hello Everyone, I would like to start my blog and you tube channel. Before that I want to know How to make money online? I read some blogs and watch lots of you tube channel. I know  some online earning method as well as try to find pro and con of this methods.

What I get from my research work. 1. affiliate marketing 2. Google Adsence 3. amazon, flip kart and click bank affiliate marketing, 4. Web Hosting  affiliate link 5.Google ad mob etc.

I got positive and negative feedback.

Than I think about, is it really working?

If you are planning to start work to make money online for online earning opportunities than you must know the fact.

The first fall you have a platform to work, like Blog, Website or Youtube Channel. If you don’t have you can’t publish Google Adsense ads.

In the case of affiliate marketing, you can promote these products through a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Reddit etc. You have an option whether you can promote as free or go for paid service. Another option is E-mail marketing.

Now I come to your question is it working? Yes but terms & condition is applied.
If you are promoting affiliate products through social media platform than you must have followers in million or more.

In the case of the blog, website or youtube channel, the above terms and conditions also applied here. The traffic in million or more.

Before to start work, you mentally prepare for the real truth. In the initial stage you must straggle very hard to gain traffic.

I hope you understand very well.

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