How to convert PDF file to excel sheet?


Hello everyone

How to convert PDF file to excel sheet. I have an issue with my pdf file.

I did try some website to convert it but not get properly.

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Here you can convert PDF file to Excel sheet online. Along with this, you can convert the file in other formats. I am providing you the link here. With its help, you can easily convert PDF file to Excel sheet.

Convert PDF to Excel online

The first method we are suggesting is absolutely free and works on all major operating systems including, Windows 10, macOS, Android and iOS. By using this method, you don’t even require to download a third-party app for your device.
Follow these steps.

I. Visit and select PDF to Excel.
II. On the next screen, click Select PDF file to choose the PDF from your device. Once selected, hit Choose.
III. After the file is uploaded, hit Convert to EXCEL.
IV. On the next screen, hit Download EXCEL to save the converted Excel document on your device.

Follow the below link:-
Besides this website, you can also visit or to convert PDF to Excel.

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