How do I increase user engagement on my website?


Hello Guys

I want free traffic for my website

I am struggling for getting more visitor, huge competition over herbal niche.

How do I increase user engagement on my website?

Please suggest me any unique method to get more traffic on my website.

Thank you.

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How do I increase user engagement on my website?


Here I suggest you some important things which is very necessary for any type of website.

Follow the given tricks to get more traffic for your website.

Optimize your Site Speed & Responsiveness

We have all experienced painfully slow loading sites often. I found a useful and interesting site in SERP, but I have to wait for a while until it loads properly. We tend to leave that site and choose a better site that loads faster. Similarly, if your business site loads slowly and doesn’t display properly on your mobile device, potential customers may bring money to one of your competitors. Therefore, you need to optimize your business website for speed and responsiveness in order to provide users with a great experience and keep them interested.

Make Internal Linking Structure Better

First, it makes it easier for website users to navigate the website, and second, it incredibly boosts your SEO ranking. The improved internal link structure ends with increased page views and user engagement on your site. Always use the most relevant keywords / anchors to link related internal pages.

Use Different Content Types

Publishing only plain text and images to your website misses the opportunity to foster engagement with website users and potential customers. Try using different types of content such as videos, maps, tables, infographics, GIFs, and more. To provide users with multiple types of content for better understanding and experience. Create video product reviews, interesting and informative infographics and GIFs to better convey your corporate message.

Simplify navigation

Many websites are too difficult to navigate, resulting in high bounce rates and low participation of website users. Simplify and reorganize the navigation structure to make it easier for users to find the page they need.

Add a prominent search box

Some people visit your site to find something specific. If they are confused about how to find it, they leave. Engage your visitors by making it easier for them to find what they are looking for. Add a prominent search box that makes it easier for users to find specific content.

Super Admin Gaurav Changed status to publish November 12, 2021
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