1 Free keyword research tool for SEO work

Free keyword research tool

Free keyword research tool

Hello everyone

I am looking for free keyword research tool for website SEO work. many other website I visited in last few months.

Free keyword research tool

Like this-

1. Google keyword planner:- its available when you buy their AdWords plan.

2. Ubersuggest :- you can search only three time in 24 hours free after than this app tell you to upgrade plan.

3. keywordtool.io :- When you try to find out keyword details it will enforce you to buy their pro plan to discover keywords.

4. Semrush and Moz not available for free use.

5. Website SEO Checker :- Recently I visited this website. it has good information about SEO,but their server not response quickly.

other website are displays find out form box. but when  you will click search button it will link to other website or open ads page, some time open new page.

Some website not show the full details. its very hard to find right tool.

if anyone suggest me that tool who gives keyword details, similar keyword, rank difficulties that is enough for me to do SEO work.

Thank You

Yogesh SEO Answered question November 20, 2021
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B_Sneha (anonymous) 0 Comments

I got your point.

After some research work I did find out important link to SEO work which is available free of cost. if you want to do specific task or pro level than you have to pay the subscription fee.

Find Keword Tools and import keywords

1. Keyword.io
2. Keyword Sheeter
3. Ahrefs Keyword

Links are given below




Find Number of Seraches and check keyword difficulties

1. Semscoop
2. Linkgraph
3. Searchvolume.io

I hope this information will fulfill your requirement.

Super Admin Gaurav Changed status to publish November 20, 2021
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