Do people get a facebook notification if you create a new facebook profile?


If I already have a facebook account and want to create another new profile, will my facebook friends on my main account be notified that I have made a new one?

I used a different e-mail address to create this new one, however, the e-mail on my main one is linked to this new profile (I used my main e-mail as a recovery for Gmail). None of my contacts are linked with this different email address.

So will anyone get notified that this account was created?

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  1. Due to huge research work, I reached this conclusion that when you have an existing Facebook account. then you are creating another Facebook account with different Email ID. It is not possible to send an automatic notification to get your friends.

    If you want to send notification than you must have(backup of your exiting email) to add all contact from exiting email to new email id then whenever you will creating facebook account it will ask you to send an invited friend request.

    I hope the above suggestion will the right solution to your question.

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