Made in India Rifle AK-203- Indo-Russia Joint Project


Made in India Rifle AK-203- Indo-Russia Joint Project

Made in India Rifle, for this, the legislature has intended to furnish them with Rifle AK-203 rifles for Indian soldiers to strike the foe amid the war. Under the Joint Project of India and Russia, their development has begun in Amethi’s Indo-Russia Rifle Factory.

Rifle AK 203

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that in the following three years, 7.5 lakh new Assault rifles will be accessible to the military personnel. The rifle being worked under the Defence Industrial Corridor is an overhaul form of the current AK-47.

On the event of the initiation of Indo-Russian Rifle Pvt Ltd on Sunday, in the Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, Sitharaman read the message of President Putin of Russia. Putin stated, “India and Russia have had critical participation in the resistance area. Russia has given war material to India to seven decades. This joint task will turn out to be useful in giving work to the young. New Rifles will likewise fortify Indian security organizations. “

AK_203_indiaaskonline| Photo Credit:ANI

Insas rifles used by the army

Army, Navy and Air Force are now equipped with INSAS rifles in India. Now they will be equipped with AK-203 instead of INSAS. In the first phase, new rifles will be given to all three armies. After this, the paramilitary forces and the state police will also be equipped with them. Sources say that in the next 15 to 20 years all the forces will be equipped with Indo-Russian rifles. The government had planned to buy new rifles 10 years ago, but no one screwed the screws.
Rifles being purchased from American company
 The Ministry of Defense has also agreed to purchase 72 thousand rifles from the American company. The 59-caliber rifles of 7.69 mm bore will be given to the soldiers who directly fight with militancy and terrorism. The government believes that the army personnel who have fought the Pakistan army on the LoC (Line of Control) and took the iron from the terrorists are required to have effective weapons. Weapons are also capable of meeting the needs of the soldiers.

IndiaRussia relationship has evolved into an equal partnership. The deep roots of this relationship go back to the early 20th century

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