Indian Army is going to buy a 72000 SIG 716 assault rifle from the US

The Indian Army is going to buy a 72000 SIG 716 assault rifle from the US in the midst of a border dispute with China. Already 72,000 rifles have been received from the US by the troops deployed in the Army’s Northern Command and other operation areas. This will be the second batch of rifles. The new weapons are being procured under fast-track purchase (FTP).

SIG 716 assault rifle

The US arms manufacturer will supply the Sig Sauer rifles. These will be made in America. These new rifles will replace the Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) 5.56x45mm rifle currently being used in Indian forces.

Indian Army is going to buy a 72000 SIG 716 assault rifle from the US

1.5 lakh rifles are to be imported for the anti-terrorism study and the troops deployed on the LoC. The remaining jawans will be given AK-203 rifles. India and Russia together will make them in the Ordnance Factory of Amethi. Work on this project has not started yet.

US arms manufacturer Sig Sawyer was supplying rifles.
US arms manufacturer Sig Sawyer was supplying rifles.

US rifle uses more powerful bullets

The SIG 716 assault rifles are equipped with the latest technology of close and long combats. The INSAS rifles the army is using now have many complaints of magazine breakdown. There is no such problem in new rifles.

Only 5.56×45 mm cartridges can be fired from INSAS rifles, while the SIG 716 rifle uses more powerful 7.62×51 mm cartridges.

Israel orders 16 thousand LMG

The Ministry of Defense has recently placed an order to purchase 16 thousand Light Machine Gun (LMG) from Israel. The Indian Army had been trying to replace its standard INSAS assault rifles for many years. In the same process, the Army is focusing on fast-track purchases.

Pompeo said- China's communist government is more afraid of the free thinking of the people of its own country than the external threat.
Pompeo said- China’s communist government is more afraid of the free thinking of the people of its own country than the external threat.

India in a dispute with China

The US will remain with India in a dispute with China. White House Chief of Staff Mark Midos said this in an interview to Fox News. He said, “Our message is clear. Whether there is a dispute between India and China or any other matter, our army will stand firmly. The US military is powerful and will remain so. If any country tries to become the most powerful, then we will not sit idle. Whether it is in the South China Sea or here in America. “

The US has deployed two of its warships, Ronald Reagan and Nimitz, in the South China Sea. About this, he said that our purpose in deploying these ships is to show the world that we still have the best force in the world. President Trump invested heavily to strengthen the military. Not only weapons, but a military force ready to die. They will keep doing this.

Donald Trump may sign some executive order against China

Meadows said that the US is trying to deal with China’s expansionist policies. In the coming days, the US President can sign executive orders related to China. We are looking at several issues. These include issues related to the immigration of Chinese citizens, providing medical equipment to our health workers, and reducing the price of medicines.

US MP said – no country is safe in China’s neighborhood

US lawmaker Tom Cotton said that the US will thwart China’s attack on Taiwan or any other country. For this, it has sent two of its vessels to the South China Sea. No country in its neighborhood is safe from the bullying of China. All these countries want to have good relations with America. China has definitely invaded India in the last few weeks and killed its soldiers.

US President Donald Trump may soon announce a crackdown on China. President Donald Trump’s press secretary Kaylee McKenney gave this information on Wednesday. He said, “I cannot tell the President about the action on China but soon, you will hear about it.” You have to wait about our next step.

Tensions between China and the United States have increased since the outbreak of the Corona infection. President Trump has spoken of taking strict steps against many occasions. Along with this, the White House Chief of Staff Robert O Brin, NSA O Brin and Foreign Minister Pompeo have also called for action on China.

NS Breen said – China annexed Hong Kong

US National Security Advisor (NSA) O Brin said on Wednesday that China had usurped Hong Kong by introducing a new security law. This is the biggest event of this decade. Chahan is now imposing his will on the free people there. Hong Kong will now be considered part of China. Many rules related to Hong Kong will change in Ace. In the coming weeks, the US can bring something important related to China. He said that no President in the US has stood against China like this before Trump. He is the first President of the country to impose higher tariffs on China to stop trade imbalance.

FBI director told China America’s biggest threat

Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) director Christopher Ray has said that China is the biggest threat to America. He said this at an event at the Hudson Institute in Washington on Tuesday. He said that China wants to influence the research related to America’s corona. He is trying to become the world’s superpower. He is also harassing the people of China of origin for succeeding in their plans. He had said that Chi is involved in spying economic data in the US, data theft and illegal political activities.

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