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India post office franchise scheme start with only 5000 Rupee

India post office franchise

India Post office Franchise- Presently you can likewise get establishments on India’s biggest postal system with about 1.57 lakhs post workplaces. Anybody beyond 18 years old years and the individual in the eighth class can take post office franchise by finishing a simple procedure.

So get an establishment, your costs will likewise be just 5 thousand rupees and you can undoubtedly procure from around 10 to 50 thousand rupees for each month.

India Post office Franchise Scheme

There will be two types of franchises

Two types of franchises have been offered by the postal department.

(1) To provide counter service through franchisee outlets in those areas where there is a demand for postal services but there is no post office open there.

(2) Sale of postal stamps and stationery through postal agents in urban and rural areas.

How to apply for post office franchise scheme

You must first get a franchise outlet agreement form from your postal divisional office and fill it with the necessary documents. You can also talk to the post office superintendent if you have any problems related to the application. Based on the report of ASP / SDI within 14 days of receiving your application, concerned divisional heads will consider your application and if found eligible, you will have to select for your franchise.

Once selected, you will have to sign an MOU with the department. According to the department, people who give postal pensioners and computer facilities will be given priority for the franchisees. On receiving franchisees, necessary training will also be provided by the department.

Security Deposit for post office franchise scheme

The security deposit is based on the financial transactions done by the franchisees in a day. At least Rs. 5000 security deposit has been kept. After the Post office franchise opens, it can also increase on the basis of daily average revenues. The security deposit will be in the form of NSC.

Who will not get post office franchise scheme

Franchises cannot open in such village panchayats where Panchayat Communication Service Centers are located under the Communication Service Scheme. At the same time, members of the post office staff will not able to take franchises in the same division where the employee is working.

These facilities will be found in the India post office franchisee scheme

Post office franchises will be able to sell stamps and stationery. Simultaneously, services such as Postal, Revenue ticket, booking of Speed Post, Registry, Money Order (over Rs. 100), Postal Life Insurance, Bill, and Tax on the Department will also be available in the franchise.

India post office Franchise Earnings will be like this

The franchisee will get a commission on every service department. This commission will fix in the MOU. 3 rupees on the booking of registered articles, 5 rupees on the booking of speed post articles, 3.50 rupees on bookings of 100 to 200 rupees, 5 rupees on money order of more than 200 rupees and 1000 rupees per month of Registry and Speed ​​post 20% other commission will be available on booking of more articles.

There is also the provision of more commission on selling or booking more articles on many articles. The department says that, in this way, a franchise can earn up to 50 thousand rupees per month at least.

Here is a link to download India Post office Franchise PDF file click Here or you can copy this URL ( and paste on your web browser to open the website.

During the lockdown, You can earn a good income

Right Now you have a good business opportunity to work at home. India Post office Franchise gives you a wing to work in the home. You can earn a lot of money to sell the post office stamps and stationery. Simultaneously, services such as Postal, Revenue ticket, booking of Speed Post, Registry & Money Order. That work helps people.

Indian Government update their post office policy

Now Indian government promote post office franchise scheme to the rural areas those are untouched yet. Encourage people to take initiative, and expands post office service to this areas,  They are plan to reduce the operating cost of post office and give good commission to franchise owner.

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