India china standoff 2020 印度中国僵局

India china standoff 2020, China declared the Galvan Valley once again on Saturday late evening. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhou Lijian said that the Galvan Valley is part of China and is on our side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Indian soldiers are forcibly building roads and bridges here. Separate Chinese officials said for the fifth time in five days that on the evening of 15 June, Indian troops deliberately crossed the LAC and attacked Chinese troops, breaking the agreement.

Lijian said that India is responsible for the June 15 incident. He said that the Galvan Valley falls in the Chinese part of the Line of Actual Control. The Chinese guards have been patrolling there for many years and performing their duties.

India china border fight : 20 young martyrs of India

On the night of 15 June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in violent clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley. 43 Chinese soldiers were also killed. (China has not yet confirmed the number of soldiers killed). These include the commanding officer of the unit. This officer belonged to the same Chinese unit, which had violent clashes with Indian soldiers.


India said, This is China’s old move and China is responsible for this situation

India’s Foreign Ministry, responding to this on Saturday evening, said that since the beginning of May, China is obstructing India’s normal petrol. This created a situation of controversy. We do not believe that there was any unilateral step on India’s border. We were making it up. India said there was no basis for China’s claim on Galvan. There is no basis for his claim. It is a policy to occupy Neighbors land and show fear.

Modi said, no one can see even an inch of land in the country

On Friday, the government called an all-party meeting on the martyrdom of Indian soldiers and the attack on Chinese troops in Galvan. In this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that we have given our army complete freedom to take steps. No one can see even an inch of us on the ground. No one infiltrated our border nor did China occupy any of our positions. 20 of our soldiers were martyred, but those who challenged Bharat Mata have gone to teach them a lesson. The whole country will remember his valor. All are hurt by his sacrifice. This feeling is also evident in this meeting.

China’s first four statements

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhou Lijian said on June 19 – what is right and what is wrong is very clear. India has full responsibility for what happened. India-China are negotiating.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on June 18 – Indian frontline troops broke the treaty and attacked officers and soldiers crossing the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It was only after this that the clash occurred and came to know. He said that India should not form a wrong opinion on the current situation and should not undermine China’s desire to protect its territorial sovereignty.

On June 17, Zhao Lijian stated that the sovereignty of the Galvan Valley has always been part of China. The Indian Army broke the border protocol. He not only violated boundaries, but also did not take care of commander level talks.

Earlier on June 16, the news of violent clash had come to the world at around 1 pm. Subsequently, the Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times quoted China’s foreign ministry as saying that the border was agreed between the two countries, but Indian troops broke it and crossed the border.

India china standoff international media

On Monday night, violent clashes between the soldiers of China and India in the Galvan Valley made headlines in the world media for the second consecutive day. CNN said that after this incident the pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to react has increased. On the other hand, the British newspaper The Guardian has feared that such clashes will escalate.

Meanwhile, a photo has gone viral on social media. This photo has been described by Taiwan Times as a picture of its day. Taiwan wrote that Rama of India killed the dragon of China.

CNN: Tough Times

According to CNN, 20 soldiers died in India. The effort of both countries is to reduce stress. However, some people in India are demanding a strong response from China. There is pressure on Prime Minister Modi. India, Pakistan and South Asia expert Alyssa Aires said, “Overall, this is a difficult time. India was financially under pressure. The problem was exacerbated by the lockout. In the meantime, India has three countries with Pakistan, China and Nepal. The border dispute continues. ” Modi and Jinping came to power with the promise of nationalism and made the country great. The attitude of the people of both countries is aggressive, they need answers.

The Guardian: Tensions are rising

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the two countries clashed in the Himalayan region after 1975. This is the most violent clash since 1967. Now the people of both countries will also be united. There were already loud nationalist obsessive slogans. One thing is clear that there is a possibility of such skirmishes. Their direction is also not clear. Both countries would like to set their own line of actuarial control (LAC). One thing is clear that the Indians are shocked and extremely angry after this incident.

Washington Post: China’s attitude changed

According to the American newspaper Washington Post, India has limited options to respond to Chinese incursions. Small skirmishes can turn into big battles. India tries to pull China back through negotiations and avoid any such incident in future.

Many countries worried about China

The Washington Post further writes – In the same month, the China Army conducted a drill. It was also publicized. China wanted to deliver a message that it could rapidly deploy troops along the Indian border. And his army can also fight in low temperature and low oxygen conditions. Indian experts believe that China is showing an aggressive attitude. Nirupama Rao, who was the ambassador there, says that this is the new attitude of China. He is adopting an aggressive way to serve his interests in the world. This is a concern for many countries.

New York Post: No fear of war

In the New York Post, South Asian expert Michael Kuglierman wrote – War between the two countries is difficult. Both are not ready to bear the burden of this. But, one thing is clear – this tension will not end with any magic. Because, both countries have suffered a lot.

Former Indian diplomat Vivek Katju said- The situation and situation which has been going on for 40 years suddenly turned into violence. There were clashes earlier too. However, no one was killed. The government and military have to think very seriously about the future.

China will be aggressive

The New York Post further wrote – What happened in Galvan Valley tells what and how China wants to achieve. You can see it in the Galven incident and also in the South China Sea. China has been preparing for many decades on LAC. He built bunkers and roads there. India also became active for a few years. He too started preparing for equality. Road to Daulat Beg Oldi (DOB). However, China wants to stop India.

Washington Examiner: China has embraced India

Washington Examiner journalist Tom Rogan wrote – The Chinese military has provoked the nationalist lion of India. 20 Indian soldiers have been killed. China is trying to change the old situation in Ladakh. Now Modi will be under pressure to give China the same answer it gave to Pakistan in February 2019.

Al Jazeera: Modi would like US support

According to Al Jazeera, the situation is pointing to a dangerous scene. Narendra Modi seeks help and support from America. Sino-American relations are going through a bad phase. There is no doubt that Modi has a powerful ally in the form of Trump. Don’t be surprised if there is a discussion on the next step between Delhi and Washington. Indians will stand with their Prime Minister against this action of China. The media will also support it. If India is attacked, it will be responded to. They are not going to leave.

Taiwan Times:

The Taiwan Times featured photos of Lord Ram and the Dragon in the Photo of the Day. In its article, the Taiwan Times reported that the photo was shared by Hong Kong’s Twitter user Hosai Lei. In this, Lord Rama is seen shooting arrows at the dragon. It is written on the photo- We will win, we will kill. The post received 861 likes, retweeted 300 times and received 32 comments. Many Indian social media users thanked Hosai Lei. In response, Hosai told him that we support you.

India-China violent clash- India china border tension

India-China violent clash / European think-tank said- China attacked intentionally and under a well-planned conspiracy, so doing so violated the law.

The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (AFSAS) says that on June 15, China attacked Indian troops in the Galvan Valley near the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The attack shows China’s increasing aggression over neighboring countries in recent months. India had said that 20 Indian soldiers were also martyred in this violent clash.

The European think-tank says the attack was deliberate and willful. By doing this, China has clearly violated the agreement reached between the two countries decades ago. Nearly 45 years later such an incident occurred on LAC. The Chinese attack has presented a serious security challenge for India in recent years. At the same time, such aggression is a sign of deepening strained relations in the future.

China is spreading its wings in neighboring countries

However, experts say that the attack by China is proving to be a turning point for both countries in the 21st century. The tensions between the two countries will deepen and create new disputes. The European think-tank says that the attacks on Indian soldiers reveal China’s dogma.

Whether it is South China Sea, Taiwan or Hong Kong, China is spreading its footing everywhere. China is making its move in this area. Stopping Malaysian and Vietnamese ships in the South China Sea, setting up new forces in Hong Kong and twice-sensitive aircraft have made their intent through an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Vietnam.

Many countries blame China for Corona

It is unclear how China is demonstrating its strength and intention in response to international criticism from such aggression. Many countries have held China responsible for the origin and spread of Corona. The think-tank in Amsterdam said that it is unclear whether China is testing the limits of international laws, conventions and norms with such actions.

Cyber Attack
Threat of Cyber Attack

Threat of Cyber Attack / Cyber Intelligence Firm Warns

 Many companies of India are in the list of Hacking Groups, these groups have relationship with Chinese Government and Army.

Chinese cyber attack is on India

The threat of a Chinese cyber attack is on India. There are reports that hackers have prepared a list of Indian companies. They can target many government agencies, media houses, pharma companies, telecom operators and a large tire company in India. Cyber ​​intelligence firm Cyprus has warned about this. Cypharma also mentioned that these hacking groups have links with the Chinese government and the military.

Information from the dark web

Cypharma said that this information came from the dark web. The Dark Web is where the hacker community talks anonymously. 10 days ago, Chinese hackers spoke on the Dark Web to teach India a lesson while speaking in the Chinese language Mandarin and Cantonese. The biggest threat is to the media house.

These companies are on the hacking list

CERT-In is also the nodal agency of India to tackle cyber threats in the hacking list. Along with this, MRF Tire, Airtel, BSNL, Sun Pharmaceutical, Cipla, Reliance Jio and some media houses are to name a few.

Hacking group related to China’s military

Cypharma CEO and Chairman Kumar Ritesh said that Gothic Panda and Stone Panda are among the hacking groups. He is directly related to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Both these groups are working for the Chinese government. There have also been large-scale cyber attacks in the US and Hong Kong.

Recently there has been a massive cyber attack on Australia

Recently there has been a major cyber attack on Australia’s government and private sector. China is also being suspected behind this. China is also suspicious because its relations with Australia have not been good for a long time. China calls it America’s hanger. Australia is in favor of investigating an outbreak of coronavirus and suspecting China.

China is falling into its own trap, its expansionary policy will cause it to split into several pieces (possible pieces, such as Hong Kong, South of Mongolia). China has been running this policy since the 1950s. Here, the United States is constantly making efforts in this direction as if it had broken the Soviet Union of Russia in 1991. America is constantly attracting the attention of the world in this direction.

The world view is against China right now.

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