Coronavirus a worldwide pandemic COVID 19

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The US, Brazil, and Britain are among the 5 countries most affected by Coronavirus. The people of the three countries are angry due to increasing infection and deaths from it. The public is taking to the streets against President Donald Trump in the US, President Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Britain. They are expressing anger through social media. Somewhere there is resentment for not strictly following the lockdown and social distancing, while there is anger at the country’s poor health services.

American Protester

American People protests against government

Coronavirus World Wide Spread

07 Nov 2020, 1:20 AM (GMT)

COVID-19 Global Stats

49,645,682 Total Cases
1,247,971 Death Cases
35,243,033 Recovered Cases

Coronavirus Highlights

  • Protests begin in 3 big countries proving to be weaker than Corona
  • PM Johnson is surrounded by defending aide in case of lockdown break in Britain

List of Countries have day by day increase coronavirus infected

Country Confirmed Recovered Death
USA10,054,360 6,385,629 242,187
India8,460,773 7,818,434 125,605
Brazil5,632,505 5,064,344 162,035
Russia1,733,440 1,296,124 29,887
France1,661,853 126,329 39,865
Spain1,388,411 N/A 38,833
Argentina1,228,814 1,042,237 33,136
UK1,146,484 N/A 48,475
Colombia1,127,733 1,020,263 32,405
Mexico949,197 701,837 93,772

America: Trump playing golf; People said – 1 lakh deaths, you are worried

In the US, President Donald Trump went to play golf for the second consecutive day. People strongly opposed this. Some people were standing outside the golf club carrying placards. It was written on this – 1 lakh people have died. We are worried are you worried

To this, Trump told the media, “Yes, I’m worried, so I ordered the White House flag to be half-tilted on Memorial Day Weekend in memory of those killed by Corona.” Leaders of the opposition are trying to discredit us. Nobody notices our good works. ‘

Earlier, Trump tweeted, “New cases of Corona have come down in America. The rate of deaths is also coming down. Let us know that 16,86,436 cases have been reported in the US so far. While 1,00,017 deaths have occurred.

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